You are hot or you are cold...

Just like our coffee at YIASOU Cafe. Enjoy our Extremely high quality coffee from JACOBS, and start your day enjoying a breakfast with fresh homemade puff pastry we just took out of our oven for you...yammie!

Brunch like Lunch

Brunch is a veritable repast… every day! Whether your day starts at 8am or 1 pm, our creative and original dishes at YIASOU Cafe, highlight local flavours and Greek culture.

We know, we make them

Real food that's really tasty. No shortcuts. At YIASOU Cafe we use only high-quality ingredients that you can trust. We stay away from scary preservatives so you can always expect fresh, delicious snacks.

Yammie moments

Captured by us or by our customers at YIASOU Cafe. Little tasty drops for your eyes. Enjoy

Contact us

Drios, Paros, 84400 Greece
Tel.: +30 698 14 64 770